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    La Manso

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    What do you relate to the word "Mitsubishi"? The car company or the drug? It does not really matter, since from now on you will only think about this ring.
    Gypsy fluor pink oval, gold circle on a base of a fluor pink square ring.
    Look: Toto nº3, La joya de la corona, Misubishi, Barbarella, Almeja nº3, Which witch, Blossom, Barby's toto, and Lelikeli. *The necklace can be worn double-looped as a bracelet
    Every MISUBISHI ring is unique and has its own personality. Each piece is created from a recovered mold found at an old shop in Barcelona, and is individually handcrafted at La Manso's atelier.
    If you are lucky enough to spot the injection point, know that you have just found your ring's belly button.
    Please bear in mind that any irregular surface texture or color variation, instead of imperfections or defects, are the result of the artisanal process and manual production by our team who puts love and care into each one of our products.
    Plastic is fantastic, but not indestructible. Please keep in mind that La Manso rings are jewels, and they need to be cared for as such. Each product is distinct since it is individually handcrafted, which gives it its uniqueness and personality. Any aggressive knock may irrevocably damage the rings. Contact with liquids may affect their durability, even salty water, or your own sweat for prolonged exposure. Take them off when cleaning your hands and avoid any solutions, specially sanitizer gel, as they might wear away their shine or weaken the structure.
    You can use a small brush to keep La Manso engraving looking perfect.